Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Digital Scrapbook Layout: Happy

Yesterday was a fantastic day. I didn't get enough sleep from the night before but I worked up feeling refreshed. It also ended up being an ultra productive day. I got a ton done at work, tons of stuff done at home that I've been slacking on, had time to play some trucks with Jake, and even had time to watch a few episodes of Project Runway on Lifetimes Roku channel.  It was great. I love days like that. Don't you? I wish every day was like that, huh?

Todays post is just going to be a quick one. I'm not sure if I've shared this layout before or not, but if I didn't - here you go :) If I did, Im going to share it again. I made this layout sometime last year.

This layout is a great reminder for me to stay focused on me.  The picture of me in this photo was one of the last photos taken of me before I hit the pause button on my life for 10 years. 

Not only for me, but it should be a reminder and lesson for anyone else.: Never lose sight of yourself.

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That's it for today! Until next time.

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Comfort Food: DIY Chicken Patties

Ah yes, the good 'ol comfort food. For some people its ice cream, for some it's chocolate, for others it's chips - for me it's a chicken patty. I don't know why but they are to me what chocolate is to some - heaven. Do you have a "normal" guilty pleasure/comfort food or do you have something unusual?

Lately I've been craving a lot of comfort food. I'm not really sure why, I'm slightly overwhelmed but not really in a bad way. If that makes any sense. Maybe it's because I have a lot going on or maybe it's because I'm barely home anymore or that I have a lot on my mind with everything going with life, planning for the future, etc...Maybe I've just lost my mind. Who knows!?  Whatever the case may be, I have a been having a serious craving for chicken patties and rather than load up on the unhealthy goodness I can find at any fast food chain or in the freezer section, I decided to make a healthier version of that I won't feel as guilty to indulge in. 

So if you share this awkward comfort food craving or you're just looking to make a nice quick weeknight meal for your family, I've got the recipe for you. 

Homemade Chicken Patties:

1 lb ground chicken
1/4 cup onion, chopped 
1 stalk celery, chopped
2 tsp parsley
1 1/2 cup bread crumbs 
1 cup milk
2 eggs
Salt and pepper to taste

In a skillet sauté onion and celery until tender. In a bowl combine 1/2 cup milk 1/2 cup bread crumbs, 1 egg, 2 tsp parsley, sautéed veggies, and ground chicken. Combine just until moist. Form into 6 equal patties.

In another bowl combine remaining milk and egg; place breadcrumbs in a shallow pan. Dip each patty in the egg mixture, then in the breadcrumbs. Repeat with rest of patties. Place on pan lined with parchment paper and bake at 350 for 20 minutes flipping halfway through. 

These patties are freezer friendly. Make sure you cool them completely before freezing. When reheating wrap in foil and heat for about 20 minutes at 350.

So with this recipe,  I don't have to feel guilty about indulging and now you can too.

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Monday Ramblings & a sewing Project

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was super busy.

It's funny because my life went from 0 to 100 in just a matter of months and I love it. It get s little overwhelming at times because I don't have as much "Me" time but I am more fulfilled.  I have done more in the last 8 months than I did in the last 10 years…and that I am ashamed about but there is no reason to dwell. I'm at a different point, things are going great and that is ALL that matters.

So this weekend. Jake had a soccer game. THEY WON! Woot! We thought it was going to be another loss but the boys in the last few minutes scored two amazing goals. I learned a lesson…bring a blanket to games and practices from now on…the sun may be shining but Man is it getting! Newbie sports mom mistake. Oh well :)

After the game I headed back home and visited a friend of mine who just had a baby about a week ago. I visited for a few hours with her and her family - held the baby most of the time. Babies love me for some reason. :) Once I held him, he curled up in a ball and made himself comfortable and fell asleep. She is a lucky momma because he is such a good baby. He was being passed around and in the few hours I was there he didn't cry once. She said he really only cries when he's getting changed.

After that, I headed back home, did some grocery shopping. Watched Netflix and just lounged around.

Sunday I did laundry, made Jake this:

You can find the tutorial here at Make it and Love it

If you're a beginner with the sewing machine, this a simple tutorial to get you started.

Then FINALLY bought a TV!! Woot woot.

Do anything fun this weekend?

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Monday, October 12, 2015

Sewing: Finished Cardigan

No sleeves yet

So. Sewing. I can't give it up. I stepped away from it for a while but I kept getting an urge to give it a go again. I want to sew.  I want to create something with my own hands. I want to say that I finished something.  I have a few more patience than I did even just a few months ago and I want to just sew for the pleasure of creating something. Not for any other reason - which in the past, I've felt the need to do things out of survival,  not for enjoyment. With that kind of thinking,  I'd get frustrated when I wasn't perfect because it was something I felt I HAD to do. This thinking applied to everything I did. I didn't see the benefit it doing anything "fun" unless there was a purpose attached to it. I'm sure I will get into a post about that at a later date ;) But for now...

We have a fabulous local store that sells All fabric at $2.99/yard. It doesn't matter the type of fabric, it's all the same price. They even have closeout tables which is awesome too. It's hit or miss but they really do have some great quality fabric to pick from. Well, wouldn't you know…Ms. V over here (Me)…is not one to take the easy road so I chose this beautiful grey knit. (sorry for the fuzz pics!) If you sew, you know that knit is certainly not the easiest fabric to deal with, especially for a beginner. I figured, if I can master sewing with knit, I can sew anything. 

I took my time. AND ACTUALLY FOLLOWED THE PATTERN. -<------That right there, folks, is a huge thing. I am impatient, hate following directions and halfway through I usually have a vision of something completely different and try to alter whatever it is that I try to make…yah. That never turns out good, especially since I am not a master sewist.(is that a word??)...yet *wink*

Well, here are the results. I will say, it's not perfect. There are a couple of wonky stitches/seams but it's structured pretty good, the grain is in the right direction, and the seams are tight and aren't puckered and wavy like I had read about happening sometimes when you try to sew with knit.  I learned a few things on the way too, that I will use when working on my next sewing project.

Yes. I do plan on sewing again. This thing is actually wearable…probably not for public display yet, but wearable nonetheless. I think it came out pretty good and can't wait to pick up some more knit to make another.

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Friday, October 9, 2015

Discovering Me: Good, Bad & Everything in between

With all this self reflection and learning how not suppress my true self and be comfortable regardless of others opinions, here are some things I've discovered and re revealed about myself. 

I am sensitive:

I've always known this. For so long I've been made to believe that the way I am is wrong, but it's not. I'm not sensitive in the sense that I am overly emotional - but more in the sense that I feel a lot of feelings. I read signals - I feel what they feel.  I love to talk about feelings, or just help people feel better. I love having conversations about nothing. I listen to a song and I can feel the emotion and related it something in my life or someone's life…the list goes on.


I could spend every minute of the day shopping for clothes and putting outfits together. I think I have a good sense of style and I know how to dress to dress in a way that flatters my body. Tj Maxx is my go to store.  I don't think there is ever a time I've gone in there and haven't found something I've fallen in love with.


I'm 5'7 - So for a girl I am considered tall but I will rock a pair of 3-5 inch heels. LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I will wear them with a dress or a pair a jeans. It doesn't matter. I will always find an excuse to wear a pair of heels.

I don't push myself:

This one it tough to admit - and goes along with my post the other day. I'm just learning. It's not that I get scared to step out of my comfort zone. Failure is something I am not afraid of -Being successful at something is. Ive always felt that I've never deserved to have the same kind of life that most people strive for. I'm working on changing my mindset out of the thought that I don't have to struggle the rest of my life. I can thrive and I am worth anything that I work towards.

The City:

I think I am a city girl. Well I live in a really really really small town. If I am a city girl, why am I living in the middle of nowhere? Well, it's affordable…that’s really only the reason and I'm just kind of 'stuck' at the moment. So, let me tell you why I think I am city girl.

It doesn't matter the city, whenever I drive or walk in a major city,  my cheeks get numb and I get this tingly warm feeling all over my body. I had this feeling when I went to NYC for the first time and that was when I made it a goal to move there one day. With all the confusion in my life, I sort of just gave up/forgot about it but was reminded with the tingles every time I would have to go into a city for anything. Most recently, I took Jacob to a museum that was in the heart of a city about an hour away. We ended up having to park a few blocks away so I was able to appreciate the liveliness and the beauty of the surroundings and again - numb cheeks, tingles and smiles.


I strongly dislike clutter. And 'stuff' it makes me cringe. Having too much stuff actually stresses me out. When John moved out I did a lot of overhauling. I got rid of an entire storage unit of 'stuff' that I was hanging on to for no other reason than to just keep. I even went through my apartment and got rid of unnecessary 'stuff' too. I bought some new furniture too that reflects my style too - very simple. Clean lines. Minimal. However....

I am a sucker for Technology:

I love my iphone and will probably be upgrading to the iphone 6 very soon. I have a list of all these other things that are on my wishlist. Not only do I like the technology 'stuff' I absolutely am fascinated at how a handful of words and sequences of codes are put together to form what we see on the screen..which brings me to... 


I love to write. I love to read and I love to learn. I don't care what the topic is, if it's something that sparks my brain, I will read about it, write about it and learn about it.

So that is me in a nutshell.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Ramblings & Realizations: Career Cluelessness

 Realizing crappy things about yourself is never easy to accept but it's the first step in changing is realization.

 And man oh man,  do I have a TON to learn. This lovely brain of mine was been doing a lot of self reflection lately. Just figuring out, how to  More than usual because I had to write my very first self evaluation for work. I was taken a back for a moment - improvements? Strengths? CAREER GOALS??? ASPIRATIONS???????? I never really thought about these things... I just focused on working to pay my monthly bills and keeping a roof over my head...I don't know what these things are. This is all so new to me.

 …so Working in a corporate environment is so completely different than anything I ever imagined. It's more than just working - it's learning, creating connections, and growing.   I totally was not prepared for this. Ive never been around any any of this.

Most people don't know this because it's not something I like to make known but I almost didn't graduate from high school because my grades were so bad. Junior year into senior year I had to go to summer school or I wouldn't have even been able to move into 12th grade. It's not that I didn't know how to do the work, I just didn't see the point. I believed the things I was told and just kind of figures my life was already mapped out, so why try. What was the point.0  I hated every minute of it because I never saw the value of school and only decided to go because my friend was being forced to go by her parents because her grades were just as bad as mine. With all the drama going on at home, I just wanted work, move out, get a job and be an adult. There is positive side to everything, even if it did take me 12 years to see it - I learned a ton.

In the last year or so, I've had so many eye opening realizations. I've realized that I give up too easily; I've realized value of things, what I want out of life, what is a healthy & what is not regarding relationships and so much more - I've  learned that I don't need to just work to survive. That is all I have ever known: Working to live. At 31,  I'm CLUELESS about this career stuff but I'm embracing it and figuring out what path I want to take.  It's funny because I've always envisioned my life as great but never thought it was achievable - Not because I didn't think I was capable of achieving it but because I didn't really know how to go about it, my mindset was in the wrong place, & I figured that only people who came from "good" made it so why should I even bother. Totally wrong…sometimes you have to be your own encourager, and that's what I am right now.

Another thing I was totally wrong about...

I have a lot of potential & I am worth something.

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Happy Monday!

New week. New mindset. New perspective.

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I know I've rambled on before about what's to come and all these other amazing ideas I have....

I know it's like the boy who cried totally get it, that is why I am not making promises anymore. I'm just going to write.I'm going to write. It's going to be raw, feelings based I am sure but it will be real. I like real. I'm sick of pretending to be something I am not.  I just want my blog to be real.  I'm a very raw feelings based real person and I want to share that. Whether that is the 'normal' blogging thing, I don't care. It's out there and I want people to read and I want people to know that it's ok to be real.

All my life when I've tried to fit into someone else's mold it just ends up as a disaster. Even with blogging,when I try to hop on the train, I lose inspiration and go missing for weeks at a time until I feel inspiration to write again, So I'm going to stop and just do my own thing. 

I may share a recipe. I may share my thoughts about a topic present at the moment. I may even share something as simple as a quote...anything but I am just going to write. Writing is my passion and my main reason for starting a blog years ago so that is what I'm going to do.

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